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Male enhancement is a growth industry, and it's one that's arguably been around for centuries. Possibly longer. However while there are hundreds of scams and claims that don't actually work, sizegenetics is a program that has stood the test of time and which has delivered results to a number of users.

What is Sizegenetics?

The short version is that Sizegenetics is a device that gently lengthens the penis over several months time. Users simply attach the device and follow the procedures outlined in the owner's manual for the proper amount of time over the necessary length of days, weeks, and sometimes months. Over time the flesh that makes up the penis stretches, lengthening, and occasionally straightening if the man in question had a naturally curved member. The result is that users do see growth, as well as thickening in many cases of use when following the proper instructions.

Does This Device Work For Everyone?

There is no such thing as a universal procedure, and that applies to Sizegenetics as well. While this device has been rigorously tested for decades, and it generally shows positive results, there's no guarantee of how much change a user will see in his size over time. It could be a fraction of an inch, a full inch, or barely any change at all. Some users will realize a greater benefit than others though, which is definitely something to keep in mind before investing in the product. On the other hand though, Sizegenetics is one of the only products on this particular market that comes with solid research and decades of competing in the market. It isn't a scam, more than some products can say.